Why top school travel companies offer trips to Barbados

At first glance, it may seem obvious why many school travel companies ignore Barbados as a student travel destination. Traditionally associated with summertime fly-and-flop revelries, this Caribbean island doesn’t exactly scream “education.” in fact, it’s more at the other end of the spectrum.

And yet it would be unfair to say that Barbados does not make a case for considering it as a viable location for school travel companies to expand their portfolio. While the island’s focus is on recreation and tourism, there is just enough didactic potential beneath the surface to warrant a second look from teachers and educators.

A natural paradise

Teachers of science or environmental subjects, for example, will find plenty to interest their students in Barbados. Like most of its neighboring islands, this Caribbean resort bewitches the senses at every turn with lush, colorful vegetation, diverse wildlife and breathtaking natural landscapes that will leave no student indifferent. A visit outside of the rainy season will also be captivating for the alluring quality of the island’s sandy beaches which, unsurprisingly, attract thousands of tourists each year.

Students studying aquatic life can also find some enjoyment in exploring Barbados’ underwater world, which is quite different from that found on a European or American beach. Harrison’s Cove, a cave of crystallized limestone, is another must-see hotspot, especially for mineralogy students.

A sporting opportunity

Another group that school travel companies can attract by offering trips to Barbados are the physical education students. This is because the island offers many opportunities to see and practice a variety of sporting activities including but not limited to cricket and netball. Water sports like snorkeling, wakeboarding, and surfing are also in abundance, and groups lucky enough to visit outside of the rainy season will surely enjoy trying one of these out.

A dose of culture

Last but not least, Barbados also offers its dose of culture for those who dare. A former colonial settlement for Spain and England, the island retains traces of each country’s influence, which could make fascinating fodder for history students on a school trip to the Caribbean resort.

The best school tour operators already look to Barbados in their list of destinations. The island doesn’t appear to offer much culture on the surface, but those willing to delve deeper will find the opposite to be true.