What is your romantic market value? 6 reasons why people fall in love

“John’s really interested in you, Nickie,” Kiesha said after taking a sip of the chocolate milkshake.

“He’s not my thing,” Nickie replied with a disgusted grin on her face.

“Come on, he’s a really nice guy. Give the guy a chance,” Kiesha pleaded.

“He can’t even speak proper English. And look at how he dresses. The guy belongs to the Stone Age. I’d be so embarrassed to be seen with him,” Nikie’s voice annoyed. She swallowed another sip of the shake.

“I guess that’s what John has to say about you. He doesn’t even look at you, and yet you’re dying to be in his company. Look at the girls he hangs out with – the Queen show contestants and the best cheerleaders. Man of the year doesn’t have time for simple girls like us Nickie. Wake up!” Keisha countered sharply.

“Let’s drop the subject. OK.” Nickie slammed the empty glass down on the table.

Nickie has shown her disgust towards John for placing so much value on John. John had a very low romantic market value.

Similarly, men are attracted to women who they can show off to their friends and family – trophies or high quality women. Men want women who will make their friends stare in awe and wonder. We all want partners who can enhance our image and personality.

Internationally renowned communications expert Leil Lowndes says: “Studies support the thesis that everyone has quantifiable value in the open market. And everyone wants to get the best possible deal in life, too.” Researchers dubbed their findings the equity (or exchange) theory of love.”

Put simply, we all want a person who is sometimes referred to as a “fang.”

The way to the best “catch” is to become a good “catch” yourself.

How can we become the best catch for the people we want to attract? How can we increase our market value to attract romantic buyers of our choice?

First, you have to accept that most people are attracted to others who have equal or higher ratings than themselves. We rarely feel attracted to people who are a little “inferior” to us.

In her bestselling book, How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You, Lowndes says there are six elements that are beneficial when lovers go shopping:

1. Appearance – beauty

2. Material possessions – wealth

3. Social standing or popularity – prestige/power

4. Information or knowledge – intelligence

5. Social grace, manners, charisma – personality

6. Inner nature – character

“Researchers tell us that the happiest relationships are with people who are more or less equal in each of the categories above. If not, the qualities balance out across the board,” said Lowndes.

Have you noticed that people with money tend to marry other people with money? Children from upper-class families rarely marry into families from working-class families. Similarly, most people tend to marry others who are almost as physically attractive as they are. Many couples tend to look like brother and sister. Studies from around the world (USA, Canada, Germany, Japan) show that men and women usually marry someone who is as attractive as they are.

Yes, people can and will get involved with others who may not be as beautiful as they are. However, this person would compensate with a high rating in another category. That is, when a beauty queen marries an animal, she is usually very rich or powerful. Similarly, when a high status family marries down the social ladder, the person is usually very attractive or highly intelligent. There is a good compromise in another section – like Prince Charles and Lady Diana.