Wells Fargo Refinance and Mortgage Modification

The recent announcement of President Obama’s Making Home Affordable plan is good news for homeowners who have a Wells Fargo mortgage. Now homeowners using Wells Fargo can get a 4% fixed rate mortgage through refinancing or loan modification with Obama’s plan. Over 9 million homeowners can take advantage of this plan. Thats how it works:

Financial hardships that many people face in this bad economy, including job loss, reduced income, hospital bills, credit card debt, and a whole list of other things are reasons why Obama’s plan should go ahead. Now, a homeowner facing these difficulties can use the stimulus plan and Wells Fargo to refinance or get a home loan modification. This will help prevent homeowners from getting into or out of a pending foreclosure.

Another major benefit of this plan for homeowners is the fact that homes that are up to 5% less than the mortgage amount in market value are also preserved. This means that homeowners who have a mortgage that is actually worth more than the home can still get a refinance or mortgage modification into a 4% fixed rate loan. Even homes that have fallen in value by 15% or more as a result of the housing meltdown can now receive a mortgage refinance or conversion into a much more affordable and decent home loan.

When a homeowner has the luxury of working with a mortgage lender like Wells Fargo, they can be assured that they have the best people in the business working for them. Mortgage refinancing or modification is a very big decision to make, you want experts to help you. Wells Fargo is proud of its reputation and will do everything in our power to save your home. Do yourself a favor and call a lender today and see how much money reduced interest payments could save you each month.