The world is flat and there for everyone

The world is flat and there for everyone

The Wall fell in Berlin

The global marketplace won

Everything is constantly expanding

With every crucial and crucial moment

Starting with Netscape’s IPO

Beautiful workflow software developed

Open sourcing started to code everything

Outsourcing began to take advantage worldwide

Everyone’s niche and claim to fame

Offshoring has leveled the earth

Greatly reduce the tax burden for everyone

Labor costs have fallen drastically

American workers rant, rave and mean

Young engineers from Asia work tirelessly

Occupation of American universities and companies

They bring their intelligence and wits from afar

Russian guns and AK47 for sale in Peshawar

Integrate supply chain meticulously

Everyone in the manufacturing process

A few traces of insourcing are blessed

Get a cell phone an irritating earpiece

Office Max employees never rest

Wire us all with every gadget and device

Now let’s go digital, isn’t that very nice

Hurry up! Everyone has to go virtual

Join myspace and show your face

Everything for the taste of the Cyber ​​Sapien

iPaq – International Physical Activity Questionnaire?

I don’t care about triple convergence

I don’t understand this whole globalization either

Airplanes, UPS, Fed Ex and Dropship

Cheap Chinese stuff sold by WalMart

At a deep discount across the corporate nation

eBay lets us sell all items from home station

It doesn’t matter whether what we sell is serious or good

Just dive head first, like a consumer should

New fascinating players, new global playing field

New complexities, processes and markets

Habits for horizontal collaboration in companies

Intertwined markets and currency speculation

From Command & Control to Collaboration & Connect

From India to Indiana; Manchester to Minneapolis

Hong Kong to Paris; Bangalore to the Big Apple

It all means frantic multiple identity disorder

The death of the stylish, slick salesman

No one can be classified as untouchable anymore

Who owns what? Where is it from?

Who cares? Consume and be happy!

Dunkin Donuts, TGI Fridays, Chilis, McDonalds

Innovation, Redistribution, HP, Dell, ESPN, CNN

Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, eBay, Yahoo and Google

MSN is looking for global talent everywhere

Get me the best for the cheapest, I don’t care

Y2K was amazingly supposed to be a national holiday

A problem, panic, panacea and procreation

Low-wage and prestige jobs cause cheering

Abroad, they are highly paid and highly sought after

Desired, pursued and fought for as desirable

Unparalleled entrepreneurship on a global scale

Supply and demand, attractive leadership through diversity

Promote association, be friendly and inclusive

Interaction, flexibility, responsive, adaptable

Wholesale vs. Retail, Foreign Direct Investment

Shrinking subsidies, protectionist trade barriers

Constantly lowered to attract investors

Moving, hiring, populating and designing

Reduced labor law restrictions for employees

Catastrophic financial deregulation

Profiteering through privatization of state-owned companies

Every market is export oriented and conscious

Free market strategies lure and endear us

Banking and utility regulations are dropped

Attorney for the managing director when filing for bankruptcy

Claiming and fighting for intellectual property

Stop the cost of minimizing business startups

Fully evaluate and score each variable

Tax benefits, details and glocalization matters

Cultural foundations such as B. local labor values

Thrift, honesty, patience, humanity and tenacity

Openness to change, welcoming new technologies

Intangible values ​​such as equality for women in business

As we commodify any viable country quickly

Hire and separate families to maximize profits

Fathers and mothers work all night

The world is really flat and now suddenly for everyone

Free trade has become our way of standing tall

Every nation’s way of boldly expressing itself

Because they make a global contribution to the whole

A global economy, God’s clever diplomatic tool

International trade without government regulations naturally takes place.