The value of print marketing

If you’re like many people and businesses, you have a strong online presence, but you may not be using print marketing. You probably have a website, send email (no spam, of course!), blog, and attend some industry forums.

Should You Use Print Marketing and Is It Still of Value? Absolutely!

Print marketing demonstrates credibility.

How many banner ads and pop-ups do you see online? How many personalized emails do you get in your spam and inbox folders? Do you ever worry that you might catch a virus by clicking on links in emails? You can improve your reputation and make your audience feel special by sending them a high-quality print message that stands out from all the online news people see every day. Printed news is more engaging and tends to have a longer attention span than online news. Think of the typical website visitor who is gone in about 10-20 seconds!

Print marketing is tangible.

Your audience is easily and constantly distracted by the vast amount of information available online, so your chances of getting lost in the crowd are pretty high. You can create a stronger connection with your reader by using print marketing since there isn’t as much competition. You can send your printed message in the mail or make a very special connection by delivering your message in person. The print publications are now less crowded, giving you more space for advertising and cheaper prices!

We can quickly and easily delete an email from our inbox before it’s even opened. Because a printed message is held, felt, and touched, it is likely that at least a large portion of your message will be read.

Print marketing increases your reach.

You can reach different groups of people in your target market through different channels. Some people are “new school” and use digital media such as e-books, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Others are “old school” and use traditional magazines, books and newspapers.

Print marketing complements online marketing.

The most effective marketing uses every opportunity to reach your audience. You can get the best results by combining print marketing with online marketing, so consider using both. By using all available resources and channels, you can reach everyone in your target market. Print marketing enhances online marketing by giving your brand a stronger presence. It also helps you drive more traffic to your website, blog, and social media pages.