Spa Music – Expand your health spa brand with custom CDs

A custom CD compilation is a powerful tool when used in a strategic marketing campaign. In a sophisticated spa, the task that music plays in building and creating vibrations is important. An annoying practice of some spas is to play a CD all day, day after day. This is a fantastic formula to drive away your customers and drive your employees crazy. The best solution is to have a larger selection of music curated specifically for your spa and your own private label.

Private label CDs go a long way in creating lasting memories of good times for your customers and do a great job of promoting your brand. Well-designed, high-quality custom CDs and spa sounds will inevitably catch the attention of your customers. When customers are drawn in and expressing interest in your spa music and spa sounds and have come to equate the soothing and peaceful sounds with the serenity and harmony of your spa brand, the appreciation begins to happen.

Brand recognition is the state in which your brand is identified with your company and the products or services it offers without mentioning the company’s name. Put simply, if your brand is widely known, you’ve achieved brand awareness. Branding is important to their owners because branded products or services fetch higher prices. When two different competing spas with the same type of service are taken side by side, but one of the spas has a distinct and recognizable brand, customers often choose the more expensive choice based on the quality or reputation of the brand and its owners.

This is the kind of brand recognition that a private label CD can bring to your spa. When customers hear and recognize that the music they are listening to is your spa’s signature music, that is brand awareness. When they listen to the music from your private label CDs while receiving massage, beauty and relaxation treatments, they associate the sound with the relaxation and pleasurable experiences they had at your spa.

A custom CD is a standalone sales and marketing tool that you can use to develop your brand. This private label CD becomes a booklet that the customer will never throw away due to the quality of the content. This private label CD is fully customizable and will be specific to your spa’s brand, services and theme. Original music can also be created that will definitely meet your brand’s specific needs.

The rest of the compilation is owned by the company, which means you have full control over the resulting CD. You can rename tracks to your liking and don’t have to worry about copyright issues. The music is created and performed by talented artists in a well equipped studio resulting in a quality product that sounds great. If required, a team of graphic designers can be brought in to produce album covers, sleeves and that all important CD face for an overall packaging and presentation that enhances your brand and looks great. If you already have your own design or design team, the outfit will work with them to create a chic and stunning piece, printed to your brand’s standards.