Sick cars – millions can be on the road

What is a sick car? I’m referring to cars that don’t have normal maintenance and/or need mechanical work. Routine maintenance of a car consists of things like changing the oil regularly, keeping your brakes in good condition, and having enough tread on the tires to be considered safe on the road. Some more serious repairs would be radiators, belts, or even transmission issues. The longer routine and more serious repairs are delayed, the more likely your ailing car will either run poorly or not run at all.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed in June was 14.6 million; the unemployment rate was 9.5 percent. We also have thousands of people who have given up looking for work, as well as families working in minimum-wage jobs. That being said, we have many people with a limited amount of money trying to service their vehicles.

Of particular note is that this is a trap situation for the unemployed. Without transport, it’s difficult to find and keep a job – but without a job, it’s difficult to pay for a car to be serviced and repaired. If you have a sick car or are tight on finances, here are some suggestions that may help:

1. baby your car–This is very important. Run your car either at the speed limit or just under. Don’t hit the brakes at bus stops; easy to brake. Both of these things slow down the wear and tear on your tires and car. It buys you time before you can perform the necessary repairs and maintenance. Jack Rabbit starts to burn more gas and uses more tread on the tires.

2. phone calls– Talk on the phone instead of driving whenever you can. An example would be calling opening hours ahead of time rather than driving to the store only to find out it’s closed. When you save miles, you preserve the life of your car. This also makes sense for healthy cars.

3. car pool– If you go to meetings or church, you can carpool. Nobody needs to know that you are eliminating some of your car’s trips. Take turns driving with your friends every now and then. If you have a job this is still a good idea to reduce car usage and high gas prices.

4. Do it yourself– Of course, that’s not for everyone. If you can do mechanical work, change your own oil and filter. Many specifications and repair manuals can be found online for those looking for a challenge. This saves labor costs. Also look for discounted parts, including parts found at junkyards. Don’t forget that eBay also offers many auto parts at great prices.

5. ask a friend– Local mechanics can do small jobs for a minimal amount of money either from their home garage or hidden in an unadvertised location. Sometimes even retirees enjoy this type of work at a very reasonable price. So ask your friends for personal recommendations. This worked for me when I moved to another state.

6. barter or exchange services–If you have talent or services that you can trade for a car repair, try it. Maybe you’re good at cleaning. Offer to clean in exchange for car repair. You’d be surprised what works these days!

7. On foot or by bike–Yes, don’t always get in the car when you can easily walk to where you want to go. Cycling to your local shop is also an option. Attach a small basket to your bike for the groceries. This is a real win as you will also benefit greatly from the increased physical activity.

8th. Public transportation–Riding the bus is another great way to reduce the use of your car. If you live in a big city with a great transportation system, this might be the answer. This is another favorite of mine. I’ve met some of the most memorable and loveable people who have traveled on public transport. I also saved a lot of money.

If you have a sick car and are on a budget, you may be able to implement some of these tips based on your circumstances or where you live. Whatever you do, make sure the levels are full, such as: B. oil, water and gear oil. Values ​​that are too low can cause the engine to switch off. I know; it happened to me

Also note that delaying certain repairs can make your car “unsafe” for the road. However, sometimes a good mechanic can tell you if your car has reached this stage for free. Chances are your car won’t make it to this point. With a little ingenuity and some of these tips, you may be able to make your car healthy again.