Equity Organizations & Movements

The following is a list of organizations and movements that we believe either promote, advocate for, and/or are essential in creating more equity in our district:

Union Organizations & Movements

  • SEA Center for Racial Equity (CRE)
    • Description: The Mission of the Center for Racial Equity is to empower educators, both individually and collectively to dismantle racial injustice in the SEA, our schools, our community, and our profession.
    • Main Contact: Marquita Prinzing, MPrinzing@washingtonea.org
    • Website: http://www.searacialequity.com
  • SEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Commission (EMAC)
    • Description:
    • Main Contact:
    • Website:
  • SEA Social Equity Educators (SEE)
    • Description: “Social Equity Educators is a rank and file caucus of Seattle Education Association educators that focuses on democratic, anti-racist, and anti-oppression policies and practices in our classrooms, schools, and communities.”
    • Main Contact:
    • Website: https://socialequityeducators.org/ 

District Organizations & Movements

Other Organizations & Movements

  • Black Lives Matter at School (BLM)
    • Description: “Black Lives Matter At School is a national coalition of educators organizing for racial justice in education.” If you are looking for a more specific to SPS, contact us (CRE) or SEE.
    • Website: https://blacklivesmatteratschool.com/