Early Release Calendar (colored chart)

Chart for Early Releases and Staff Meetings in 2018-19

 Summary from contract 2018-2019

Summary of Tentative Agreement

TA 2018 DOC

Racial Equity:

  • At least ten more Racial Equity Teams will be added
  • Adds five Saturday RET Institutes to contract, codesigned between SEA Center for Race and Equity and SPS Department for Racial Equity Advancement (DREA)
  • Racial Equity Analysis Tool adapted for use by BLTs in CSIP, Budget and PD
  • Where a school has an RET, at least one member will be on BLT
  • Joint Committee created within 90 days to explore how to best support the highest needs schools and students, including reviewing strategies such as Community Schools, Restorative Justice, recommendations from the African American Male Advisory Committee, and Flight Schools, and making recommendations by end of the 2019-20 school year.
  • Commitment to continue expanding training in implicit bias


Same as 2017-18 except that green days, instead of being common planning time or tech time, are now for “common planning time dedicated to eliminating opportunity gaps.  Educators will collaboratively analyze disproportionality within their grade level, department or school. Disproportionality could be related to academics, access to advanced learning or enrichment opportunities, over-identification of students of color in SPED, disproportionality in discipline etc. Educators will work together to analyze individual, institutional and structural racism that may be contributing to the school wide disproportionality and make plans to redesign instruction or supports/interventions that will address disproportionality.”