Renting an apartment in Austin? Now is the right time

Apartment tenants tend to be tenants for one of two reasons. Either the tenant cannot yet afford the costs for a new apartment or he does not want to take responsibility for the home ownership. Either way, there are things to consider. A condominium is cheaper, but many feel that money is simply thrown away instead of being invested in a property in an owner-oriented way. Others say it’s best not to move into a house where you have to live beyond your financial means. Both views are true. While owning a home is the ultimate duty of some, it is imperative that the full household implications are considered before any papers are signed. Of course, there’s the amount you pay monthly for the home, but there are property taxes, home repairs, increased utility bills, maintenance and upkeep costs that need to be factored into any decision. Living in a home that is beyond your personal financial means proves to be a very frustrating experience when you keep having bills that you cannot pay. Fees paid to rent apartments do not provide equity but are excellent for temporary residence without the hassles and expense of home ownership. There are rare cases where an apartment is a good long-term fit. Although less stressful and less expensive to maintain, an apartment also has its problems. If you have lived in an apartment for more than 2 years or more, you will identify with it

Have you ever come home to your apartment and found a notice on the door informing you that your current lease is nearing its end and, by the way, your current apartment rent will increase by $100? Or maybe you’re just one of those unfortunate people who have to pay for services you usually got for free, like garbage collection and water supply. Most apartment complexes see a lease coming to an end and think now is the time to renegotiate the contract. You know you’ve settled in and don’t want to move. The increase in the rental price and the direct payment of once free services by the apartment tenants are the rule after the expiry of the rental contract. To be honest, services like garbage collection have never been free. They were simply included in the initial cost of renting the apartment. Requiring tenants to pay the fees now is nothing more than justification for increasing rents even more than the direct increase represented by the initial rent increase. It’s part of the game that real estate pays off. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that apartment complexes are businesses and like any other business, they want to make a profit. However, let’s not fall for the required rate hike story every time. The potential rate hike threat is also a tool used by apartment complexes to lure potential tenants into signing longer leases to prevent a potential rent increase in the future. Add these cost increases to the other rising costs of living like gas prices and taxes and you have a perfect storm to get rid of your money.

My apartment complex has raised my rent three times in a row, says LeAnne Cook. I am looking for another apartment complex to move to or I am buying my first home.

In a survey, eight out of 10 tenants said their rent had increased by more than $25 a month in the past year. Six out of 10 tenants were hit with an increase of more than $50 a month, and five out of 10 tenants received notice of an increase of at least $100 a month. For many this may not seem like a lot of money, but for others it can be a budget breaker.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope with rising rental prices.

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