Real Estate Investing Gurus – Top Tips I Learned

Everyone learns from someone, and when it comes to real estate investing, I’ve definitely spent a lot of time and money studying flipping “at the master’s feet.” I want to share the top tips from the top real estate investing gurus that I’ve learned the most from over the years.

  1. Ron LeGrand© – Anyone who needs to copyright their name is probably worth hearing! LeGrand is definitely the big name in our business. Although people were into real estate investing long before Ron Legrand, I don’t think anyone taught the masses like Legrand did. Legrand made famous the MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) formula that everyone has been using for years. What I took away the most from Legrand was the MAO formula and the mechanics of the quick flip deal. Ron Legrand’s famous quote “The less I do, the more I earn” was also my first inspiration for systematizing our real estate investment business.
  2. Robyn Thompson – After learning the mechanics of flipping, I decided I wanted to focus on flipping rehabs. I invested in Robyn’s classes and attended her real estate investment rehab and marketing boot camps. Robyn is one of the top real estate investment gurus out there, delivering tremendous value at every level of presentation (from free to high dollar bootcamp). I learned a lot from Robyn about the rehab flipping process, but the most important takeaway I got from Robyn was how quickly you can really flip rehab just by throwing more resources at them.
  3. David Lindahl – I met Dave at Robyn’s events, attended his boot camps and invested in his classes. Dave teaches flipping for “chunks” of cash, but nobody knows markets or housing better than Dave. What I found most valuable about Dave was his home study course, Managing for Maximum Profits. An investor with no real estate management experience or training is like a lamb to a lion. I started on the right foot and have been successfully managing real estate for years.
  4. Ludwig Braun – Lou Brown is the undisputed king of real estate investment forms. I’ve used Lou’s forms for real estate investing since the beginning and have always appreciated having an incredible library whenever I need a new document. Lou’s forms are therefore my main takeaway from Lou, and I still use many of them for turning today.
  5. Kris Kirschner – Kris Auto-Pilot Real Estate Systems(TM) for buying and selling real estate set the standard as we grew our flipping business. Kris is a systems guy through and through, and his real estate systems are used across the country to really automate so much of our business. My biggest takeaway from Kris was his approach to “self-service” shows. Putting a locker on the house, giving people the code to view, and then having a self-service kiosk in the kitchen with brochures and applications was just brilliant and I can’t imagine we ever showed properties in the ‘old days’ . ” Property mirroring is definitely the best self-service.
  6. Dan Doran – Dan truly is the master of the real estate investment sales process, although that hardly scratches the surface of what I’ve learned from him. Dan’s Sales Mastery course has had a greater impact on our real estate business than any other system we’ve implemented. If I have to single out one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned, it has to be this… “If there’s justice, GO!” Dan was the first to coin this sales strategy, which was contrary to what EVERYONE else was teaching about flipping (everyone said you have to look for motivation and walk right past the unmotivated salespeople). Dan is also a master of the inner game, business building and pre-foreclosure niche.
  7. Richard Reop – Richard is Dan’s partner and together they teach real estate marketing, systems and have a fantastic coaching program which I have been a part of for years. Richard is a top copywriter and his slogan, “Sell Your Home As It Is, For A Fair Price, On The Date Of Your Choice” is probably the most copied real estate headline in our business. If I pressed for the number one lesson, I have to say that it is the importance of marketing in our flipping business. When I first implemented one of Richard’s messages in a long-running campaign, I was literally bombarded with calls from people who had previously received my messages but never responded.