Essential Responsibilities

RET Coaches will

  • host and facilitate quarterly regional gatherings of RETs
  • partner with 1 RETs to provide site based:
    • coaching
    • resources
  • centrally collect resources for RETs based on interest and need
  • Attend 4 full day RET Coaches Meetings on Fridays throughout the school year
  • Attend 3-day overnight summer retreat

Essential Requirements

  • At least 2 years in PreK-12 education
  • SPS educator
  • SEA member
  • Experience supporting other educators
  • Experience collaborating with a team

Diverse cultural backgrounds are a priority

Preferred Requirement

  • Member of SPS Racial Equity Team within the last three school years.
  • Experience in leading, designing, or facilitating race and equity discussions, programs, curriculum or other relevant instruction


$2,500 stipend

Multiple release days to: prepare for and meet with teams and to meet with other Coaches.

Questions, in lieu of an interview:

  1. Our work relies on a “foundation that relies more on educators’ understanding of equity and inequity and of justice and injustice than on their understanding of this or that culture.” Please react to this statement (do you agree/disagree? Describe your understanding, etc.)
  2. Please describe an experience where you provided effective coaching to adults or your peers. What made it effective?
  3. Describe a time you took initiative in an effort to increase equitable practices in your school
  4. What are three qualities or characteristic of a successful racial equity team?

Please apply here: