Stipends (2018-2019)

How much stipend money is allocated for each RET?
Each team is allocated $2500.00.

If I’m on a RET, how much will my stipend be?
The amount of an individual’s stipend will depend upon how many members are on a team. Forexample, if a team has eight members, the amount per member would be $312.50 ($2500 divided by 8.) If a team has five members, then the amount would be $500.00 per member ($2500 divided by 5.)

How is my stipend paid?
The $2500 amount will be allocated to each RET school by the Budget department. In the same manner that Building Leadership Team stipends are paid, the building administrative secretary will be responsible for creating a stipend request in ESS for each certificated member of a RET. Please see the attached example stipend request form at the end of this booklet.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement prohibits classified RET members from receiving stipends. Instead, classified members receive extra time. Again, like the BLT process, extra time should be calculated as close as possible to equal the amount of the stipend of certificated members. Classified members should be responsible for entering their own RET Extra Time into ESS. The hours will be verified by the administrative secretary and the building principal.

Stipends are paid over a period of time, with a specific beginning and end date. For example, a RET member receiving a stipend of $312.50 over 5 months would receive an addition pre-tax amount of $62.50 on their paycheck for each of the five months. For classified RET members, the extra time should be entered on a monthly basis (providing the RET meets monthly.) The specific beginning and end date rule for receiving extra time also applies.

When will my stipend be paid?
For certificated staff, once the stipend is loaded in ESS and has been approved by the building principal, the stipend will be on the next paycheck (providing the stipend is loaded prior to the payroll cut-off date.)

What if I’m expecting a stipend but I don’t see it on my paycheck?
You should first start by asking your building’s admin secretary and/or principal if your stipendhas been loaded into ESS. Stipends are retroactive to the start date, so it may be possible that you will receive more than one month’s stipend on one of your paychecks. If the administrative secretary and/or principal can’t provide answers, please contact Payroll Services at