Private Money – Using click-to-mail to send postcards to find private money

What is click to mail?

Click to Mail is one of the United States Postal website websites. People outsource a lot of their private internet lending mailings to this Click to Mail. You can go to and once you sign up for their program you will be taken to this click-to-mail where they have all kinds of options for you to send postcards, letters and brochures however you like that .They have all kinds of different products.

Start with small postcards

They have different sizes of postcards. You can make the little postcards; they can be colored or high-gloss. I don’t recommend any of these, but they’re all there for you if you want to get really fancy. We usually recommend that the first mailing to a list you send is a small postcard and as simple as possible. You would like to send a black and white, plain text, no image, simple postcard and have two goals.

Two goals

You want two things to happen. First, a private rental company replies to this postcard and of course that is something very positive. They would call you and ask for more information. Second, the post office would send the cards back to you and say they can’t deliver them. Then you can clean up the list and delete them so you don’t email them next time.

Clean up your list

Again, the first mailing you want to use as cheaply as possible. If you can get it down to around 30 to 32 cents per card, that’s good. You want to make it as cheap as possible so you can save some money but also clean up your list. If you buy a list, 20-25% of that list is almost guaranteed to be undeliverable. I don’t know there’s a way. I think the reality is that sometimes these lists are a bit out of date. People move a lot and they won’t be where they say they are. In the next mailing and the following mailing, you can afford to spend a little more money once you’ve cleaned up your list.

Now you know that a large percentage of that list is delivered. If you can get 90-98% of second and third mailings delivered, you can afford to spend a little more. Maybe you’re going to a large postcard, or maybe even a letter. Be sure and use this first mailing to weed out or weed out the bad mailings. After going through this process several times, you should end up with a mailing list of potential customers to whom you can continue to send offers such as free information, free seminars, or anything else along those lines.