Organizing a netball trip to Barbados with a school travel service

Are you looking for a lively and exciting school trip destination for your avid netball students? Why not check out one of the top school travel service providers to see if they have Barbados in their portfolio?

Why do school travel services love Barbados?

Barbados is bursting with energy and the resort of Oistens is thriving with a range of activities for sporty students to take part in. Aside from the wonderful water sports, including snorkeling and wakeboarding, there are many cultural excursions to take part in as well. This tropical island is a haven for wildlife and students will be amazed at what they discover as they explore. Bats and frogs, monkeys and all kinds of insects can be spotted all over the island. The stunning views and lush vegetation are due to the island’s fabulous climate and although there is a rainy season often accompanied by hurricanes, it remains very warm and incredibly comfortable for most of the year.

The resort of Oistens is more of a fishing port than a tourist beach, which means it has retained much of its original charm and character. It even hosts a famous fish festival that takes place over a week before Easter weekend. This event commemorates the signing of the Barbados Charter and is held in honor of the fishing community here.

Barbados offers students the opportunity to improve their skills in their chosen sport in a relaxed and motivating environment while experiencing a completely different world. The people of the island are welcoming and friendly and life here is very relaxed. Between netball games and practice sessions, there are plenty of excursions and opportunities to learn more about the island’s history, geography and culture. Very close to the resort there is a beautiful lighthouse to explore known as South Point Lighthouse which has some interesting information about the island’s history.

Netball in Barbados

The All England Netball Association (AENA) is the governing body for sports and school travel offering netball travel and uses AENA qualified coaches to ensure students get the most out of their trip. These experienced trainers are able to assess skills, address areas that need improvement and tailor training to the needs of the group. Students are encouraged to develop individually but also to learn more about the team element in the game. Learning game strategies, developing new techniques, and gaining confidence in decision-making all help students become better and more versatile players. There may even be other teams from other school trips at the resort, so mini-tournaments can also be organised.

At the end of a long day of training, students have the opportunity to relax in an idyllic setting, which makes this destination even more perfect. Book with a specialist school travel service and you are guaranteed a great trip.