LiveSmart 360 Review

LiveSmart 360 is a new network marketing business opportunity in the health and wellness industry. The business and opportunity were created “to embody the intelligent life in all 360 degrees of your life”. Here’s a simple overview of the deal and opportunity.

LiveSmart 360 is a brand new network marketing business opportunity for those looking to start a business in the health and wellness industry. The cost of starting a business with LS360 consists of purchasing some of the products themselves with the option of autoship. The company offers online support through a back office and replicated website to help members run and market their business.

Products range from multivitamins to nutritional sprays. The spray itself contains Zorbmax, a patented formula that helps individuals retain much of the vitamins and minerals normally lost through regular consumption. The products are not only intended to help with daily nutritional supplements, but also include nutritional supplements for joints and muscles.

The Compensation Plan is touted as a whole new structure for the health and wellness network marketing industry. The plan is based on multiple tiers of achievement and each tier with a larger and more lucrative percentage and bonus structure. Although the opportunity claims this as a new and better compensation structure, it is actually very typical of the industry and focuses on retail sales and recruiting others into the opportunity itself. However, the company does offer auto awards and stock shares to its top dealers.

LiveSmart 360 is a legitimate Network Marketing business opportunity that some should succeed in due to the fact that it is a viable product and the novelty of the opportunity itself. However, there is a very high turnover rate in the multilevel marketing industry due to its competitive nature, lack of real marketing skills from the member and lack of understanding of how the compensation plan really works. It’s best to complete your due diligence before joining a business opportunity to ensure all of your questions are answered.