Land Profit Generator Results – Get the List

If you were wondering whether you can get good results in land investing with Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Formula or Land Profit Generator, this honest review will help you make a good purchasing decision.

Most people who have bought the LPF course have stumbled upon a perceived difficulty: how to get a list of vacant land owners.

The instructions in the course on this topic are clear and concise. However, land investors found themselves tripped up by local politics from the County Recorders offices.

First, let me mention that such an endeavor requires a certain perseverance. After all, you’re trying to get information that isn’t readily available to everyone. This gives you an initial advantage over your competition.

Second, there are several other sources you can use to get a list as well. In addition to the clerks’ offices, you can obtain a list from a title company or from commercial list brokers. Some counties use listing services that may offer the service for a fee. Most title companies provide the lists free of charge. But in some states, the title companies don’t handle this information at all.

You can also subscribe to nationwide title databases such as These services charge either a monthly fee or a fee per record downloaded. So it can cost you up to a few hundred dollars to get a large list.

In the Land Profit Generator update, the list building module can easily be outsourced to a virtual assistant. This is a very good idea because you won’t drop your lead funnel once you start getting some leads and start putting together land investment deals.

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