Important differences between SEO and SEM

Although both may be integral parts of the search engine cosmos, there are still major differences between SEO and SEM in terms of features and the way they are implemented. Many have said that SEO India is a part or division of SEM India. SEO includes factors like meta tags, keywords and their density, titles and HTML coding while SEM includes factors like search engine submissions, directory submissions, paid inclusions and certain others. SEO could involve the optimization of the website using all available methods while SEM would involve the extensive use of marketing methods used for marketing an entity over the internet. SEO can be said to be a division out of many divisions of SEM as it is essentially done to improve the brand equity and visibility of that product.

Some of the methods used in practicing SEO include using HTML and XML maps, with some of the more advanced measures being using XML sitemaps and plain text files with URL names. SEM as an overall process includes many other features such as pay-per-click advertising and pay-for-inclusion. These two methods help to run the marketing campaigns quite fiercely and help in the incorporation of paid listings. These paid listings are a very effective way to attract user traffic and also a tried and tested way to attract more crowds.

SEM is one of the most well-known and reputable methods of internet marketing, where the business can be marketed through a barrage of methods, SEO happens to be one of the most charismatic and efficient ways to optimize websites. All the features that go into optimizing the site are very organic and ethical and represent the highest quality of authenticity. SEO ensures that when the user enters the required keyword, the website appears on the first page of the search results pages within no time. SEM ensures that when the user searches for the service in question over the Internet, the portal promoting it is one of the first to pop up.

The commonality between both is that, be it optimization or internet marketing, both are done quite well and quite efficiently in the right forums. These particular spots are the ones that draw the maximum amount of traffic, and the staff working on both processes make sure they get pretty good coverage.

SEO is certainly just a part of SERM, but it has an identity of its own. It is not equated with anything and its value is incomparable. It can be said that SEM would be incomplete without SEO. SEM certainly covers a larger cosmos or area, but aside from that, SEO is no less. Websites can only get better rankings by SEO services and without them the websites have to go eat cake. Both have their own space and both are essential for improving the locations.