How to reduce home MLM business failures with ten key lessons

ONE: EDUCATE YOURSELF. Expect failure if you start with a limited understanding of the terms and concepts that drive networkers. That’s why so many people don’t achieve the success they deserve, which in turn becomes the basis of bad public relations. You can ensure success by increasing your understanding and evaluating the best and easiest way to achieve your goals.

No school or curriculum would work where beginners are expected to become graduates. The opposite of learning (failing) is to throw novices into a complex business with no basic knowledge and expect happy success. Yet, with the right education, network marketing can emerge as the last great grassroots free enterprise for any family that desires greater financial security

TWO: BE FAIR AND DEMOCRATIC. Network marketing has never been about what degrees you have, experience you have, background, talent, education, ethnicity, status, biography, or confidence level. It has never been a vehicle of aggrandizement by the few self-appointed gurus and their would-be followers. Their egos unfortunately misinterpret that you can’t duplicate superstars, just simple to follow systems that anyone can easily, fairly and democratically do.

It has always been about giving the average person with above average dreams with minimal capital and sweat capital a different lifestyle for their family.

THREE: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Network Marketing as a home business is based on just 3 KEY PRINCIPLES; no longer; not less; so very manageable…if you see the big picture!

You have to listen to this again. The Absolute Power to Achieve Financial Security is ONLY Based on These THREE FACTORS!

Can you call her by name? Do you follow them? Do you know how to use them correctly?

FOUR: DESERVE A BETTER LIFESTYLE. You see, network marketing isn’t just about selling a product or service, whatever that might be. It’s about educating people about a business platform built on 3 fundamental core concepts that can dramatically transform their financial well-being and security.

You see, it’s easy to say NO to a household product with untried benefits when something similar can be purchased at a nearby store or when the household budget is tight.

But who would say NO to a self-determined and safe lifestyle that is passed on to children and grandchildren?

FIVE: WORK SMARTER. Network marketing has evolved through 60 years of change shaped by developing economies.

It’s no longer a mom and pop operation in a garage. It is technologically advanced with global communication and very experienced mastermind systems.

Recent developments incorporate major e-commerce trends and capitalize on internet gains. People can even try a free shopping service to prove its worth before helping distribute it to others.

SIX: GAIN PUBLIC RECOGNITION. We are doing the potential of this industry a great disservice. In my opinion, this home business model is presented in the wrong order with an incomplete element, whether or not essential to the functioning of this system. It usually begins with an eye-catching presentation about a single MLM company. Then a new distributor can sign up with a starter kit and the cost of automatic shipping and begin marketing to friends, family, or online leads with the expectation that they will do the same. How has that affected you?

The better way is the reverse order. Start with the marketing basics, what works and what doesn’t. Keep the marketing plan as simple as possible. Practice positive self-beliefs. Now you’re ready to share an exciting opportunity by first understanding the basics of marketing with increased confidence and a potential home business as a result.

A back-to-basics starter guide levels the playing field for everyone!

It’s time to end the trials and tribulations, the lost money, the frustration and the broken dreams.

It’s madness to think that until we take advantage of what works on a massive, SAME democratic level and remove the difficult, burdensome expectations, this valuable work-from-home business will gain public acceptance.

Run away from any business that doesn’t have a clearly defined marketing plan, preferably on a site you’re comfortable with.

SEVEN: SAY “I CAN DO THIS.” Network Marketing is NOT about information overload or duplicating leaders and magnetic personalities.

Long-term residual gains come from a large team with multiple layers of people saying, “I CAN DO THIS.”

All you really need is a phone… a computer… and a simple marketing plan using the 3-step system for a success plan anyone can implement. Period.

The overall plan can be duplicated in an hour without losing important information. It depends as little as possible on the skills of the person delivering it. It can help anyone who wants to earn extra income based on democratic, joint, multi-level marketing concepts. Period.

EIGHT: RETURN TO THE BASICS. Network marketing, when it comes back to basics, is the perfect vehicle for grassroots entrepreneurship.

Let this be your focus. Learn more about the industry itself. As usual, keep the study short, compact and comprehensive with the simple aim of showing details, the big picture and exciting potential.

Without them, you will spend endless time and money trying to explain or justify this business model at home.

That covers the basics for people with no business experience. It integrates an overall view of the changing economy, market trends, leverage, duplication multiplication, remainder matrix, internet marketing, personal development and much more.

This will save you time, money, make a difference and increase your profits in a very fair and democratic way.

This home business needs to work the RIGHT WAY; no fuss, no mess, no travel, no lengthy phone calls, no busy team members.

NINE: MAKE A CHOICE. Life is about choices. Change does not begin with prayerful inspiration, but with incremental education.

You have two options before you:

1) Continue bypassing the information economy. Miss out on a profitable home network marketing business with an investment based on a huge expanding Internet market. Forego a simple, time-efficient, low-cost marketing system and residual stream of lifetime income OR…

2) Wonder about it. What if you never find it… that’s a really scary thought.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Your thought should be… Why NOT me?

TEN: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Your success is more important than any reason or excuse you can come up with.

The first step is to learn about the fundamental democratic principle that is built on equality, dignity and success, which are the true hallmarks of multi-level or network marketing.

The second step is to believe wholeheartedly that every family deserves equal opportunities to succeed, even if biographical circumstances are unequal.

Success is 99% mental and you have to work harder on yourself than anyone else. Understand that nothing happens in the physical world until there is a shift in the emotional, unseen world of your mind.

As true networkers, we believe in YOU.

We believe you are an extraordinary person who may not yet have discovered your true potential. We don’t think you want to continue apologizing with life’s limitations. We believe you will not accept excuses for not being knowledgeable… but find them and apply them.

We believe that with this right information, you can empower and help others.