How to find property buyers by the dozen

Buyers are out there, it’s just a matter of rounding them up and staying in touch. It helps to determine from the start what type of buyer you are looking for. Remember: you are the person who wants something when a buyer calls you; If you call them, try to sell them. Let’s make sure buyers call you, so you stay in power from the start. You should be a real estate heavyweight.

Let’s look at a few categories of typical buyers to get a glimpse of their mindset and how and when we’ll find them to meet their property buying needs.

o Rehabbers: These are people who want to fix and flip properties for quick profits.

o Landlords: These are people who buy to rent to others in order to accumulate long-term equity while generating positive cash flow each month.

o Wholesaler: Will either buy or put an option in your contract to hopefully pass the paper on to another buyer willing to pay more.

o Lease Option End Buyers: These are people who may not qualify for a loan of their own but want to go back to being homeowners, not renters.

o Retail Buyers: These are end buyers who are mortgaged or have cash and can generally buy the property for their own living needs.

There are different types of buyers out there, but the above 4 types are generally considered to be the main targets of people who have properties for sale. By understanding the mindset of each buyer, you can address those buyers’ interests, whether they want a quick buck, long-term wealth, tax deductions, a place to call home, etc. If you ask enough general questions, you’ll quickly see what kind of buyers buyer you have on hand. Once you know this, you can customize your offerings and showcase items that do what’s important to them.

Buyer: Someone ready, willing and qualified! Those who don’t qualify can be perfect tenants, lease option buyers, or self-financing candidates, so qualified can have different meanings.

Ready: Someone who is in the market to buy within 1-45 days, remember that end buyers generally buy a retail or lease option once and are out of the game. Landlords, rehabbers, and wholesalers are more likely to buy multiple properties from you over time as they accumulate, sell, or trade existing assets. Having active lists of buyers in different categories who are often willing to buy properties is a very smart practice.

Gee Danno, how do I find these people? Ah! I’m so glad you asked! Let’s start with one of the best ways ever to start building a buyers list. In your search for bargain property of your own, it makes sense that once you have a superior offer that you can turn around and market that property at cost, you will eventually find a very good deal! Yep, no gain for you on this one. Why? Because you will be promoting this property to every investor and potential home buyer on the planet!

This is because you’ll get the most calls and responses if you promote a screaming deal! Granted, you will most likely sell this business relatively quickly, but you will be gathering information from every potential buyer who calls to create your buyer list for future properties you are listing. If you don’t have your own property for sale, ask someone who does! I can assure you that they will not turn down your offer to list their property for free! You could negotiate a small fee when you actually sell your property, but your main goal is to build your buyers list!

Let me give you an example of gathering potential buyers by the dozen, holding an auction, advertising a week in advance so you attract the most buyers, starting with bandit signs and placing about 100 of them around a 5 square mile area of ​​the property, we just did that and had 800 calls because it was a big part of those 800 calls where 300 people showed up on the auction day, of course the house sold but we also added new buyers to our buyers list.

Here’s how you can promote these buyers:

o bandit sign

o CraigsList

o back

o Google Base

o Postlets

Oh Zilov

o Pay-per-click ads

o Local online classifieds

o Media website

o flyers

o Newspaper/supplements

the REIAs

o Direct Mail/Postcards

o Start an investor MeetUp group

o Email

oh phone

or fax

o Your own website

Use your imagination, the list is endless, there is a free e-book called Internet Real Estate Yellow Pages that you can download for free from my website Get this and you’ll find 100 more ideas and places to list your offers. Become a real estate heavyweight now!

Dan Auito :~)