Guide to selecting an aircraft charter and management specialist

Aircraft Charter and Management is a highly regulated, highly specialized business. The relationship between an aircraft owner and its management company is unique; it is more of a partnership than a traditional supplier/customer relationship. When it comes to selecting an aircraft management company, most owners are happy to hire a company with extensive experience, world-class safety ratings, and one that understands and is aligned with the owner’s air travel needs. In this post, we will discuss key areas that are differentiators when choosing an ACM company.

– Experience is one of the most important factors. If you are looking for a specialist in aircraft charter and management, You have to consider their experience. This is extremely important as it largely determines the type of services you can expect from them. If needed, ask the prospective company to offer references from previous customers with similar aircraft and mission profiles.

– Consider their security ratings. There are well known and reputable organizations such as Argus, Wyvern, IS-BAO and the Air Charter Safety Foundation that rate ACM companies based on their safety record. Ask potential management companies for their reviews from these organizations.

– Who are your customers? While many organizations and individual aircraft owners prefer confidentiality, some may be available for reference. An ACM operator should at least be able to provide a profile of its customers “blind” for verification.

– What is your expertise? A prospective management company should be able to provide you with a summary of their operational specifications or OPSPECS so that you can better understand their capabilities. This is especially important for owners planning to travel outside of the United States

– How do you measure success? In other words, what kind of reports do you get? Most managed aircraft owners receive a monthly summary detailing each flight, maintenance transaction, etc. As the owner, you have the right to receive any information you want in any format you want. If you’re used to reviewing performance reports a certain way, you should be able to customize your aircraft activity reports that way too. If you wish, you can even have an automated data interface set up so that this information can also be sent to you electronically.

Finally, you need to understand the value proposition. Not all businesses can efficiently handle management needs, and this can only increase your overall costs. The whole purpose of hiring an aviation management company is to tightly control operations and increase efficiency and transparency. If the management company cannot meet your expectations in these areas, it is unlikely that you can expect good returns in terms of customer service and execution delivery.

Please consider these areas as your aircraft charter and management companies for your potential use. If you would rather enlist a third-party consultant, this can also provide the convenience you are looking for as the prospective ACM companies have been properly screened to meet your needs.