Forex Trading Robot – Play Golf

Who said “The robots are coming?” Maybe Paul Revere mumbled a few words – and now they have arrived. Brigades of automated forex trading troops have invaded the trading world.

There are many variations of work:

There’s the usual drudgery – trudging to the pits every day or night; challenge a starvation wage. And there is leisure life by having a robot work for you while you do other things instead. You might expect every man and his robot trading in the forex market now when a new craze hits the streets. However, not all robots are the same. Just like buying a horse – make sure you get a good one

Trading robots now allow the average person to be a full-time trader. There’s a steady income to be made from playing golf, unless you’re like Tiger Woods and gave it up for a while. Just turn on your forex trading robot and hit the first tee.

You can quit your job for a round of golf while your fully automated forex trading robot works the coals making money for you. And with remote hosting, you don’t even have to visit the office or touch your computer. Just go to the bank and get the money that the trading robots can shovel into your account.

That’s because the robot isn’t human—nor is it creative itself. Therefore, it will not come up with solutions on its own that a human mind sometimes can to solve problems. A robot is essentially just a data processor. One that can work much faster than the human brain – but it can only process the junk according to the system it’s programmed for. During catastrophic events – earth-shattering news and market panics – a trading robot should probably not be left alone in the room. However, 99 percent of the time, a trading robot should be able to perform better than a human.

This is for two reasons.

1) Robots are emotionless. Where a human acts manually, it’s impossible to avoid emotion – and that can sometimes be a killer.

2) Robots can process much more data than a human and react much faster – place orders faster to enter and exit markets instantly. When it comes to speed trading robots, they’re like lightning — unless the data they reach is confusing. (The rare occasions when they may not occur)

Conclusion: Do not try to compete against the trading robots. Professional traders use trading robots. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of manual trading activity left. But the Big Boys are now playing with robot toys — leaving the robots to do the number crunching and order execution.

Regardless of whether you use a trading bot or stick to manual trading, the essential ingredient to successful forex trading is money management. Never trade with more money than you can afford to lose. Risk as little money as possible with every trade – so that you protect your capital. Take your losses fast – limit the amount you put into the market so your capital isn’t significantly depleted in a single trade. When you are in a crisis – a streak of bad luck – take a break from the markets. Go for a round of golf and clear your head for a while so you can come back refreshed the next day. The same applies if your trading robot does not perform well on a given occasion.

With the development of cybernetics you never know – maybe soon the robots will be able to play your sand shots for you.