Flipkart Seller Registration – Become a seller on Flipkart

How to sell on Flipkart

To sell on Flipkart:

1. Register at seller.flipkart.com.

2. List your products under specific product categories.

3. Once an order is received, pack the product and mark it as “ready to ship”. Our logistics partner collects the product and delivers it to the customer.

4. Once an order has been successfully shipped, Flipkart will process your payment within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier.

Who can sell the products on Flipkart

Who sells like sole proprietorship, limited partnership, cooperatives, GmbH.

To start selling you will need the following:


â— PAN card (Personal PAN for company type “Property” and Personal + Business PAN for company type as “Company”)

â— GSTIN/TIN number (not mandatory for some categories)

â— Bank account and supporting KYC documents (proof of address and canceled check)

â— At least 1 unique products for sale

sole trader

If an individual wishes to sell through Flipkart under their own legal status and name, such business will automatically be considered a sole proprietorship. The sole proprietorship is the simplest type of company under which you can operate a company. The sole proprietorship is not a legal entity. It simply refers to a person who owns the company and is personally responsible for its debts.

Company with limited liability

Becoming a seller in Flipkart as a Private Ltd. company is the most popular business entity among small, medium and large companies in India due to various advantages.

â— Ideal for startups and growing businesses

â— Easy to Obtain Funding, Raise Venture Capital Fund

â— Has limited liability

Limited liability companies are the most preferred option for any startup looking to scale through external funding as it is very easy in limited liability companies to issue new shares in place of the funding received.

Limited Liability Partnership

A seller could become part of Flipkart as a partnership firm. The limited liability company is a combination of a partnership and a corporation. It has the property of these two forms. As the name suggests, shareholders have limited liability in the company, which means that the personal assets of the shareholders are not used to pay off the company’s debts.

GST registration

Once you register with Flipkart, you must also comply with all tax laws that apply to the e-commerce sector. An important part of this compliance is having your own GST number and submitting your GST returns on time. INSTASPACES can help you to provide GST Number seamlessly and hassle-free.

INSTASPACES is the great platform providing GST number @Rs 999 only.