Fixed Indexed Annuities – Are They For You?

Want a new way to save for your retirement? Do you worry that there will be no more money in social security until you reach retirement age? Hey, it’s very possible with the way the government seems to be controlling things. Check out fixed indexed annuities as an investment option to help you save. It’s also a great alternative and offers great flexibility if you’re in the middle of a 401k rollover.

You used to have two different options available for investing, the safe route and the not so safe route. One is where you would not take any risk, high returns and no connection to the market. On the other hand, if the market goes down, you run the risk of losing money. Even people who had a 401k thought it was safe and instead saw its value go down lately. You should automatically look to fixed indexed annuities as a good alternative when going through a 401k rollover.

Fixed indexed annuities can offer you both a guaranteed amount of principal and a connection to the market. But you won’t lose money if the market goes down. An excellent option for people who lost money in their 401k and now need to roll over 401k because they lost their job.

Also known as an equity-indexed annuity. If you see that listed, it’s a fixed indexed annuity. Your capital always stays the same, but when the market goes up you will see your investment grow and your profits are always locked in, so you can never lose any of your previous profits due to a market downturn.

Fixed indexed annuities also allow you to save on taxes by deferring tax payments until you’ve withdrawn money. This allows you to earn more interest on the money you leave in your fixed indexed annuity. Most companies allow you to withdraw up to 10% per year and incur no penalty.

When you buy fixed indexed annuities, you have a guaranteed income. Find a new way to save for your retirement. You’ll easily find this to be a powerful option when you’re in the process of a 401k rollover. Various payment options are available for your fixed indexed annuities, check them out. Maybe retirement won’t be too difficult for you after all.