How is my home equity interest rate calculated?

A home equity loan can be a very smart financial decision. In principle, a loan can be taken out against the value of your own house. It is a loan that is repaid at a much lower than normal interest rate. An advantage is that it does not have to …

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Using home equity to secure home loans and lines of credit

When applying for a home loan or credit line, the existing equity serves as security. Home equity can be calculated by subtracting the balance owed against the home loan from the estimated home value. Unfortunately, the banking and real estate crisis has used up the equity capital of many homeowners …

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Financing home equity loans with bad credit

Home equity financing with bad credit is a common option that people with bad credit histories turn to. This option actually assures the applicant sufficient funding should the application be approved. While the applicant has a bad credit history, they have also built up ample equity tied up in their …

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