Empowerment alone can help our women

Provide a safe space

When it comes to empowering women, safety comes first. Although society was fairly aware of gender equity, in practical terms it was seen as insufficient. Safety is the fundamental right for every woman, regardless of where she lives, education, origin or religion. It serves as a top priority for disadvantaged, abandoned and homeless women. There are many NGOs working towards providing safe shelter for women.

Educate women to read and write

Every woman should have basic education. When she’s illiterate, simple things like phone numbers, traffic signs, or directions become everyday struggles. Therefore, this should be considered as one of the important factors to empower women. Teaching women to read is the first step in their empowerment.

Create a skills-based work opportunity

Women are blessed with the ability to multitask. This talent makes them quick learners and helps them stand out from the crowd. Not only can they manage their home well, but they can also learn income-generating skills. Get them enrolled in any training program that will help them learn and earn. So they feel safe and can master the ups and downs of life with ease.

decision-making power

When it comes to managing the household, women provide wonderful examples of decision-making. Whether she is a housewife or a professional, making decisions is something that can help her go a long way. A lack of decision-making has been observed in women with low self-esteem or those who lack the love and care of family.

create health awareness

Women pay less attention to their health. While they are able to care for the whole family, they ignore their health. Therefore, such women must be made aware. You should also be aware of family planning, health care and reproductive rights. So that they can raise their voice against any kind of injustice if necessary.

Build a positive network

Abandoned women need more support, which can be provided by building a positive network. Women have the power to effect change in their communities. As such, they should be surrounded by people who build their confidence and esteem, whether at home or outside. Women who are disadvantaged or affected by domestic violence in particular need a positive atmosphere. Once they are inspired and confident, they can help others as well.

Creating female leaders

The best way to empower a community is to empower a woman. They should take leadership training, which can help increase their public presence. Many organizations reach out to women to express their opinions in public. This should be started from home first. Women should be encouraged to attend seminars, take part in protests and organize the community programs.