David Bach and the automatic millionaire that brings financial success to the masses

David Bach, New York Times bestselling author, has written an easy-to-understand book that teaches a simple, logical plan for your finances. Probably best known for “The Latte Factor,” he showed that it’s the simple things that decide where your finances go. When you focus on not just spending a few dollars a day and then investing that money, your money is working for you, not you for your money.

David recently signed an agreement with Carbon Copy Pro, the leading internet marketing training company, to market its products and introduce its training to people worldwide. Carbon Copy Pro will market this through Pro University. Global marketing is always a challenge, but with Pro U’s presence in over 190 countries currently, it will give The Automatic Millionaire a huge boost.

David Bach believes in paying yourself first. This begins the process of building a legacy for you and your family and investing in your future first. It’s as simple as putting aside part of your paycheck before indulging in your day-to-day money or even ahead of your bills. It’s even better if you can make it automatic, so it happens without you even having to touch it. Make sure it’s in an account that’s not easy to get to so that money can work for you too.

The first goal should be to set aside 3 months worth of expenses. Giving you a little air to breathe in an emergency will help when it comes time to make decisions when an emergency arises. Decisions made in a hurry and under stress usually result in you spending money unnecessarily. Controlling your money is still the key to all David Bach books.

So much of the economy is beyond our control on a daily basis. However, controlling our own financial resources is the only thing we can control. David Bach’s director would have averted today’s economic crisis if, instead of taking too much debt out of our homes, we acquired equity quickly and then put that equity to work for us.

David Bach’s partnership with Pro U means millions more can be trained in the future. Accountability is held by those who take the courses and receive certification. Instead of just following the principles, you have a network of people to work with and build your financial freedom. David teaches us that “rich” can mean many different things to many people. The one key theme in using the word “rich” is the ability to make most decisions about your day-to-day life and not have to worry about the financial factors first.

Building multiple automatic income streams is a major theme in all of David Bach’s books. Relying on just one revenue stream puts too much pressure on that revenue stream to be successful. If you’re letting your money work toward financial freedom, it’s better to have 3 or 4 sources that produce a smaller, stable income than one big source (e.g. your job). David Bach is a bestselling author and New York Times speaker.