Cyprus golf and real estate – the perfect combination

If you love golf and are longing for a home in the sun, the beautiful island of Cyprus could be the answer to your dreams. With over 320 days of warm Mediterranean sunshine each year, Cyprus is a golfer’s paradise and savvy investors quickly find favor. The downside, of course (there’s always got to be one) is that prices continue to rise and will do so for the foreseeable future. So anyone looking to climb the Cyprus Gulf property ladder should seriously consider making a move soon before prices become inaccessible to the average holiday property buyer as they have in other parts of Europe such as Spain .

Cyprus already has several excellent golf courses located around the Paphos area which has essentially become the golfing capital of the island. It is perhaps no coincidence that some of the best hotels are also located near the golf area, which also increases the value of real estate in the area. As with any expensive belt of land there is a “ripple effect” that spills over to other nearby locations such as the smaller resorts and villages in the area such that almost every home or apartment within a short drive from the golf course will be affected. The good news for potential buyers is that there is still an ample supply of new developments close to Paphos and the Gulf to meet increasing demand.

As previously mentioned, prices are high for any property near golf courses, but if you know where to look there are still plenty of golf property bargains in Cyprus to be found. A short drive inland often reveals some lovely new developments offering apartments and villas at well below values ​​of properties closer to the coast or in resort areas. One of the problems that first-time vacation property buyers face is their ignorance of the local area and the location of the properties in relation to infrastructure such as airports or highway connections. However, there is a great way to overcome this problem.

Many of the larger Cypriot property companies offer subsidized inspection trips of around four days, including accommodation flights and all your transport. The prospective buyer of a golf property in Cyprus will be picked up from the airport, taken to the hotel and driven around Cyprus to view the property and at the same time get an idea of ​​the condition of the property. These Cypriot property specialists will also make time with you in the evenings over dinner or drinks to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have about anything to do with home ownership on the island. You will also have access to any other professional services you may need such as: B. English speaking lawyers, property developers and rental agents.

No doubt Cyprus will continue to offer an attractive option for anyone looking for a home in the sun for themselves or as an investment for the future. Mixed with everything Cyprus has to offer in terms of climate and lifestyle, golf will be the icing on the cake for many. The lucky buyers who have been able to combine golf with the purchase of a holiday home have already reaped some excellent returns from the booming holiday rental market. By renting out their properties while not in use by themselves or their families, they have not only increased their returns through increased equity, but also generated additional income. Perhaps it is time that you too live your dreams and look for a beautiful golf property in Cyprus.