7 Money-Saving Content Marketing Tricks Every Marketer Should Try

With the right strategy, a marketer can easily enjoy the amazing benefits of content marketing. Some of these benefits include more traffic, better reputation, and continued growth in both traffic and reputation over the long term with only a small increase in budget. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s really important to calculate the costs and keep the marketing budget under control.

Although content marketing is very popular due to its cost effectiveness, it is neither free nor cheap. In order to do a great job and execute a quality strategy, it requires a significant investment in an in-house staff or reputable outside firms. And always remember that even in marketing, effective branding is necessary to keep your audience hooked.

Luckily, a marketer can still cut costs without sacrificing campaign quality by using a few money-saving tricks. Below are the strategies that many marketers find to be incredibly useful.

1. Reuse old content.

For some, that’s not a good idea. But honestly, it’s only bad if the old content is improperly reused. For example, if a marketer has a successful blog post on an “evergreen topic” that they posted two years ago. Since the content of this blog stays fresh and can attract a lot of traffic, it would not hurt if he revisits and reposts such an article.

Obviously, reposting the same article every month, say, doesn’t bring him new results. His possible option is to wait a year or two before releasing it, he might even get away with a full re-release.

In case he decides to repost one of his blogs with evergreen content without waiting for it to turn a year old, he can do so by changing the headline, reorganizing the internal sections, or editing the body content to to give the article a new “look”. He just needs to make sure the URL it was originally published on is the same or he might lose the SEO equity the article has already built up.

2. Revision of content in new media

A marketer can turn their winning article into different mediums like infographics or video highlights. He can also use certain excerpts from his article and share it on social media as a tweet or Facebook post. Revisiting new ways to republish an old but effective blog will definitely help reduce content marketing costs.

3. Don’t stop at publishing content, move on to content promotion.

Content marketing starts with brainstorming and creating, editing, and publishing content. But successful marketers don’t stop thinking their job is done after their articles are published, they go above and beyond and promote their content.

Eric Siu, an Entrepreneur Contributor and Single Grain CEO, mentioned that a marketer should spend 20% of their time creating content and 80% promoting content. One can start by showcasing their work on their social media channels, and then move on by sending paid ads to them, doing influencer marketing, submitting them to StumbleUpon or Reddit, and linking internally to them