4 ways high school tour operators are unraveling history

Educational trips are only as good as those who run them. This is especially true for history trips. Students, filled with excitement at the exotic presence of a strange new destination far from home and the classroom, need to be enticed and inspired to contemplate the historical value of these voyages.

Therefore, the best guided history trips have the best tour managers and organizers.

Insights into Italy

Italy is a country awash with historical work, but it also has so many beautiful distractions from that history that it’s important to help students focus on the lessons of the past when the time is right . The best school tour operators will not only know how to draw students’ attention to antiquity, but also know when to use the distractions to help students engage with history. Amid trips to the Colosseum, Tower of Pisa or Milan Cathedral to unravel the remarkably vibrant tapestry of Italian history, these tour guides will know how to use the food, fashion and iconic natural environment of this unique nation to explore them to encourage more interest in the past that frames them.

Electroplating over Germany

Germany is a wonderfully modern yet truly ancient place. From its ancient landforms such as the Black Forest to its memory of the tragedies of both world wars, there is plenty of history to be explored under the guidance of experienced school tour operators. The best of them will know that the key to appreciating that past lies in the attractions of Germany’s present. The way society is organised, the way life is lived, the way the language is spoken and the way each city has its own particular flavor will fascinate the students attract, which is the first step in their appreciation of the long historical context that shapes the country.

Unravel the United Kingdom

The reason students need solid school tour operators that immerse them in the history of the UK is simple: there is just so much to discover. Few societies have documented the twists and turns of their past, from ancient times to the present, with such vigor and detail. The best organizers know how to direct students to the right details so they don’t get lost among the royal conquests, the tales of the writers, and the tumult of the rising and falling cathedrals.

Answers to America

The United States of America is an imposing presence in international affairs, and that’s partly because it’s put so much effort as a nation into appreciating its history. The best school tour operators know this, and use the many museums, historic sites, and pre-arranged tours to help students find answers to all their questions about America’s past and cultural present. Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles all contain sites that pay deep tribute to the complexities of American history.