On Friday, April 5th, Marquita Prinzing, our Director of the SEA Center for Racial Equity, presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2019 Annual Meeting. The AERA 2019 Annual Meeting was held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Canada and focused on using educational research to combat inequitable rhetoric.

2019 Web Rotator_1.jpg

At the AERA 2019, Prinzing was joined with her fellow colleagues from the University of Washington, Seattle Public Schools, and other organizations. The group presented and had a roundtable discussion titled “Beyond ‘Gap-Gazing’: Research-Practice Partnerships for Racial Equity in Education“.

Marquita Prinzing (third from the right) with the other presenters

The abstract of their session read: “Research has documented pervasive racial disparities in education, often in tandem with other marginalized identities, and evidenced in outcomes such as discipline, learning opportunities, achievement and graduation (Fergus & Noguera, 2011). Rather than only documenting inequities and the forms in which they operate, scholars call for research to intervene in inequities and transform systems to foster greater equity (Carter & Reardon, 2014). Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) between researchers, educators, and communities represent a promising strategy for addressing this imperative, yet few RPPs center racial inequities in systems change. This symposium offers insights from racial equity-focused RPPs that move beyond “gap-gazing” towards research and collective action to disrupt the mechanisms that result in inequitable outcomes for minoritized youth in US education.”

Most of the session surrounded the Partnering for Racial Equity (PRE) collaboration between the SEA Center for Racial Equity, the SPS Department of Racial Equity Advancement, and the College of Education at the University of Washington. Thank you to Marquita Prinzing and the other presenters for sharing the work we are doing in Seattle. We are excited to see what other advancements for racial equity come from this partnership!

AERA 2019 Meeting.png



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